Supplementing with ReCalcia

The platform you need to start with is finding out how much calcium is in the food you eat. We have a chart in the ReMyte book that gives the amount of calcium in specific foods or you can look online. Otherwise, start a food diary where you learn how much calcium you eat on an average day.


Once you know that, you can decide whether calcium supplementation would work for you. Dr. Dean suggests that if you eat 300 mg or more (but less than 600 mg) of calcium-rich foods, you can consider using 1 teaspoon of her ReCalcia Calcium Solution. If you eat 300 mg or less of calcium-rich foods, then you can consider using 2 teaspoons of ReCalcia. You can also use the slow start program with this product, starting with 1/4 teaspoon a day and building up to either 1 teaspoons or 2 teaspoons per day.


If you consume 600 mg or more of calcium-rich foods, then you don't need calcium supplementation at all. Dr. Dean follows the EU and WHO guidelines for calcium supplementation which recommend that 600 mg of calcium per day is sufficient calcium for most people.