Healthy Fiber Intake

If you find that you are having loose stools as you introduce any of our dietary supplements, Dr. Dean has some basic nutritional guidelines you can follow:


1) Cut the amount of the product by half and take it more slowly. This should slow elimination issues.


2). Check your water intake with the sea salt. The hydration and sea salt are important and also consider adding ReMyte to create a balance. You don't want to fall into the trap of using our dietary supplements as you would a drug to clear up symptoms - you're using dietary supplements because you’re healthy and you want to support the body and optimize cellular performance.


3).  Be sure you are taking a good probiotic.  Dr. Dean's new probiotic product will be released soon. Stay tuned for the announcement. Use a soil-based probiotic in the meantime.


4). Adding fiber to your menus will significantly decrease loose stools. Dr. Dean recommends drinking 4-6 oz of water with 1-2 tablespoons of psyllium seed powder to the water. This is a natural way to add fiber to your digestive/elimination system. Using the psyllium seed powder should bulk up your stools and slow your intestines down. 


5). In your ongoing quest for health, you may have to cut back on grains and, therefore, you will benefit from adding this neutral fiber. If you haven’t cut back on grains, please consider avoiding gluten, which can be an unrecognized factor in loose bowel movements.


6). You can try ReMag Lotion as a cosmetic and apply it to your skin for improved hydration and mineral supplementation.


Using ReMag Lotion: 


1 teaspoon = 200 mgs of ReMag in a cosmetic skin solution.


Directions: Apply the desired amount of ReMag lotion to clean skin. May be used on hands, face, and body. Avoid direct contact with the eyes, mucous membranes, and other sensitive areas.


Finally, if your symptoms persist please stop taking our product and contact Customer Service if you would like to contact Dr. Dean.