Affiliate Program

The simple answer to "Do you have an affiliate program" is sorry but we do not offer that as an option at this time. We do have a Professional Products Program if you are interested in stocking products in your office.  We also have a Drop Ship Program for practitioners we can talk about as well. 

Getting back to the affiliate program - for our products and organization affiliate programs are just impossible.  There are so many links, codes, scams, etc. we just don't bother - it's a distraction!  Our mission is to distribute Dr. Dean's free ebooks and materials as educational tools to as many nations as possible - to both the public and the practitioner - revealing the dangers of magnesium deficiency. Our secondary mission is to provide both the public and practitioners the most highly absorbed magnesium - made in complete biological integrity with the body - so that magnesium saturation can be achieved - something that simply won't happen with pills and powders.  Until saturation is achieved - magnesium deficiency is still an imbalance in the body that threatens health.

We do offer a discount of 10% on bottles of 12 or more per product and the aforementioned program which offer up to 40% off selected products. We will also fulfill orders on behalf of practitioners with account approval.

If you wish to find out more about the Vendor Agreement, please email Ginney Gunther at or contact our Phone Support:

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Monday - Friday 9am - 10pm EST

USA - Toll-free - 1-888-577-3703

International - 704-746-3446