How to Use Our Archives

In the last several years, we have harvested an incredible archive of health and wellness information through our weekly radio archive.

Not only are the archives rich with valuable information from our own Dr. Carolyn Dean, they are also full of resources, of customer insights and testimonials, and of mountains of information that will impress, delight, and thoroughly inform you on many levels - body, mind, and spirit.

We always encourage our customers to make good use of the radio show archives. They are there for your benefit and convenience of use.

Let’s say you have a question about bio identical hormone therapy and magnesium usage:

  1. Visit
  2. Type 'bio identical hormones' into the search bar
  3. Review the results and select an entry to review

Once you type your topic into the search bar,  you will see the various show listings in which your topic of interest is discussed.  You can scan those results, visit the show pages of your choice, notice the time stamp where your topic is mentioned in the show and go to right to that timing to hear Carolyn’s responses and guest interactions related to your topic of interest.

In this example, there are several show archives in which Carolyn talks about how the bio identical replacement protocols affect magnesium use and what other women are doing with their bodies and the ReMag as a result:

As you review the blog content, you'll notice that bio identical hormones discussed at 20:02 into the show: