Which Magnesium Does Dr. Dean Endorse?

In 2011, Dr. Carolyn Dean introduced ReMag Magnesium Solution to the world.  Dr. Dean is one of the world’s foremost magnesium experts and one of the few doctors who has built her entire career on educating the public about the benefits of magnesium supplementation and therapy as an alternative to drugs and surgery.

Dr. Dean developed ReMag to provide a liquid, 100% absorbed form of magnesium that would be highly beneficial to individuals with supplementation issues.

Several years later, with hundred of well-documented testimonials and case studies, ReMag has become the only magnesium product Dr. Dean can fully endorse. As a matter of fact, many advances are being made in the world of magnesium therapy with this product. For example:

1). ReMag is made using an exclusive process that stabilizes the ions of magnesium chloride that allows it to be 100% absorbed at the cellular.

2). ReMag comes in a liquid form and is very easy to use.

3). ReMag does not cause the laxative effect.

4). Because ReMag requires no digestion it is preferred by many individuals who may have digestive issues.

5). ReMag has a companion product, ReMyte Mineral Solution, which is also delivered to the cells with the same level of efficiency and supports the body in an equally judicious, comprehensive manner.

Because of Dr. Dean’s high level of success with this product among consumers representing every age group, body type, health condition, geographic location, lifestyle choices, approach to physical fitness, and degree or level of wellness, we know you can use the product with confidence as well.