ReMag and ReMyte Dispensing Options

Back in June, 2014 we announced a product update to the ReMag and ReMyte products.  We have removed the dropper and replaced it with a foil seal, safety cap.

We made this change at the request of hundreds of our customers all over the world!  It turned out that the droppers would leak in many of our shipments.

Also, the dropper proved to be a mostly unreliable measure – especially when the bottle gets less than 1/2 full.

Not only did we update our bottles, but the label has been updated, too, on how to use the cap as a measuring device. You can also use a measuring spoon from your kitchen.

We have also discovered that the local pharmacy has great, FREE options for dispensing liquids – for example, you can get a teaspoon syringe with a plug in the top. 

Unfortunately, we no longer stock the droppers as they are not required for our manufacturing process.