ReNew Serum

Here is some more helpful information about ReNew you may enjoy reading:

**ReNew serum is the consistency of a fresh, natural royal jelly with pollen!  It is a 25X concentration of RnA Drops so it is very super-sugary like royal jelly—thick!

**ReNew is blended with ozonated olive oil and an exceptional Rose Oil to give it an even more beneficial therapeutic purpose.

 **For easy dispensing we have changed the bottle to a 2 oz pump bottle. It is very easy to use and dispenses and appropriate dose every time!

**The ReNew Serum is self-preserving – so it does not lose its potency or validity! It is suggested that ReNew is refrigerated after opening as additional layer of preservation – like a condiment...say mustard or ketchup. BUT the serum can remain unrefrigerated and still be just fine.

**Customer testimonials suggest there are many uses for ReNew:

  • Skin therapy for burns [excellent for sun burns, too!]
  • Wrinkles, moles, mild scarring
  • Acne, postules, cysts
  • Bruises, swelling, sports injuries

**ReNew contains a wonderful Egyptian rose oil - here is a list of beneficial attributes of the Rose Oil in ReNew:

Most people have to use expensive surgeries or advanced pharmaceutical products to get ANY results with the skin.This is a wonderful alternative to that whole mess that allows your cells to replicate perfectly and, with prolonged use, is very effective, too.