How ReAline Works

ReAline was the second formula that I worked on after the RnA Drops. It contained three B vitamins and two sulfur-based amino acids dl-methionine and l-taurine. Specifically, the original ReAline formula contained: B2 (riboflavin-5-phosphate), B6 (pyridoxine-5-phosphate), Folate, dl-Methionine, l-Taurine, and Betaine hydrochloride (a methylated compound). Since that formula was first released in 2011, we have changed all the B’s to active, methylated forms, added methylated B12, included a natural source of l-methionine, and most recently, included a food-based B1(thiamine). Here is the current formula, which can replace several supplements that you may be taking:

Vitamin B1 (thiamine from Saccharomyces Boulardi) (natural source) – 4mg

Vitamin B2 ( as Riboflavin 5 phosphate) – 6mg

Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine 5 phosphate – 8mg

Folic acid (as Quatrefolic) – 990mcg

Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) – 500mcg

L-Methionine (natural source) – 500mg

L-Taurine (natural source) – 200mg

Betaine HCL – 100mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (capsule shell), Cellulose, Vegetable Stearate, Silica

Now that ReAline is a more perfect formula, I suppose it’s time I wrote a booklet about all the amazing ingredients! However, for now, let me expand on how ReAline is described at RnA ReSet. I want to make sure you realize how important it is for you and your Total Body ReSet.

ReAline is a specific formula that provides the perfect building blocks to enhance and assist the body in detoxifying chemicals and heavy metals. Instead of forcing the body with purges or IV chelation, ReAline has l-methionine, which is the building block for glutathione, the body's most important antioxidant. That way the body can detox when it wants to not when it’s forced to.

L-methionine and l-taurine are sulfur amino acids, which help with the liver's sulfation detox pathways. The B vitamins work synergistically with magnesium and methionine. All four are methylated to help with liver methylated detoxification pathways to help break down toxic homocysteine. The introduction of methylated B’s became even more important as the MTHFR gene mutations were identified. Betaine HCL is also a methylated compound. I contend that gene mutations are expressed partly because of magnesium and other nutrient deficiencies.

The B vitamins are essential to support our neurological health. This became even more obvious when we found deficient B12, B6, and folate in the autism spectrum and also in the elderly. But there is much more to them. They are cofactors in thousands of biochemical processes. The B vitamins work together; they help cells burn fats and glucose for energy, they promote cell growth and division, maintain healthy skin and muscle tone, support and increase the rate of metabolism, enhance immune and nervous system function, which includes easing stress and improving mood probably triggered by an increased production of serotonin. Their ability to help reduce anxiety, depression and PMS is enhanced with the use of magnesium.

Most B vitamins are synthetic and doctors are forced to recommend higher and higher doses to try to get some reaction. However, food-based or methylated B’s are in the active form that the body requires. To acquire the B vitamins that are not included in ReAline, use lots of Brewer’s yeast on your organic popcorn!

Methionine has 4 major roles in the ReAline formula. Methionine is a building block in the manufacture of all our proteins including: structural, contractile, blood proteins, anti-bodies, hormones and enzymes. It is a methyl donor, needed for the production of neurotransmitters; a sulfur donor; and a precursor in the synthesis of other amino acids. Methionine has the ability to inhibit toxic metals from crossing the blood-brain barrier. Methionine is a critical component of tissue development, growth and tissue repair for all humans at any age.

Taurine is a precursor to GABA; reduces elevated levels of cortisol in the body; helps burn fat; improves insulin sensitivity; increases testosterone production; acts as an antioxidant; enhances heart and brain function and improves sleep. It also lend sulfur molecules to the liver for its sulfation detox pathways.

Even though sulfur is the third most common mineral in the body (after calcium and phosphorous), sulfur’s importance is not commonly acknowledged. However, it is a key component in balanced DNA and protein replication. Sulfur is important for the production of mucous and detoxification. Obtaining sulfur from methionine and taurine is more metabolically sound than taking sulfur supplements because the body can gauge how much it requires in any given moment.

On one of her weekly radio shows Dr. Carolyn Dean speaks in great detail about the benefits of taking ReAline to detox the body and support the liver! Those who have MTHRF, methylation, or candida [yeast overgrowth] will find this show particularly helpful.

Dr. Dean bases her comments in response to an article by Ben Lynch: Methylation Inhibited by Candida's Toxin:

Lynch talks about the Methionine Pathway and the Methionine Synthase doesn't work if you
1) lack the active substrate such as methylfolate (Vit-B9)
2) lack cofactors such as methylcobalamin (Vit-B12), and
3) are exposed to inhibiting compounds such as heavy metals, solvents, chemicals, and toxins like acetylaldehyde. Candida produces Acetylaldehyde! Acetylaldehyde is a byproduct of alcohol. It's called the hangover chemical.

Four key routes of AH arrival are:

  • Alcohol consumption 
  • Candida Albicans (the "Yeast syndrome") - which produces alcohol! 
  • Exhaust from cars and trucks 
  • Cigarette smoking

They all stress the body and use up magnesium. Aldehyde Dehydrogenase breaks down acetylaldehyde but needs magnesium to do that. Besides magnesium and minerals, Carolyn has a secondary focus: yeast overgrowth. Antibiotics, Birth Control Pills, Cortisone, as well as "Stress!"� (which actually causes increased production of Cortisone) excessive sugar and carb consumption (especially Hi Fructose Corn Syrup which turns into ethanol) lead to Yeast overgrowth, which then causes an increase in AH in the gut.

To Repeat: Acetylaldehyde kills methionine synthase disrupting the Methylation and Sulfation Pathways. But in Dr. Dean's humble opinion... this dysfunction is NOT due to a "gene mutation" - it is very much Epigenetic due to excess "stressors"� and the lack of proper minerals, especially Dr. Dean's favorite ReMag, which prevents the proper breakdown of this neurotoxin, Acetylaldehyde.

Listen to the archive and gain further insights here: