What's A Completement Formula?


The word Completement is a play on “Supplement”;  instead of “ADDING” something that is missing, such as the word supplement suggests, our formulas COMPLETE the biological processes of which the body is already capable. For example, magnesium is a co-factor in over 800 enzyme processes and thousands of protein synthesis functions in our cells. Using ReMag Magnesium Solution lets the body efficiently complete these processes.

The phrase Completement Formula is also a great differentiation piece. In a world of SUPPLEMENTS our product sets a standard for a new way of approaching nutrient-based therapies at the cellular level by creating perfect, whole, complete cells vs. identifying ‘symptoms’ or ‘systems’ and addressing wellness in an isolated way.

Finally, 'Completement Formula' brings in the ‘holistic’ aspect of working with the body and mind as well as emotions. We rely on the Complete Intelligence of our own physical and non-physical nature to engage and benefit from our formulas as well.  For example, the RnA Drops formula is known to amplify happiness and smooth out emotional stress as well as providing essential biological sugars to the body to complete the cell replication process.