Cost Analysis of ReMag

Here is something to consider: a cost analysis of another well known powdered magnesium citrate product vs. ReMag. You can get this product through Vita Cost for $24.59. Okay- so their servings per container: 32,500 mg at a rate of 20% absorption = 6,500 mg. ReMag at $29.99: 14,400 mg – 100% absorbed = 14,400 mg.

At $29.99 ReMag is still is the better value with twice the amount of absorbed magnesium as other brands. are some other things to consider in terms of what is happening with ReMag on the professional level, meaning the response of doctors, clinics, and practitioners. Many advances are being made in the world of magnesium therapy with ReMag Magnesium Solution.

For example:

1). ReMag is made using an exclusive process that stabilizes the ions of magnesium chloride that allows it to be 100% absorbed at the cellular.

2). ReMag comes in a liquid form and is very easy to use.

3). ReMag does not cause the laxative effect.

4). ReMag can be used as a trans-dermal magnesium therapy – it doesn’t sting, nor does it leave an oily residue on the skin or clothing.

5). Because ReMag requires no digestion it is preferred by many individuals who may have digestive issues.

6). ReMag has been shown to provide immediate relief of common magnesium deficiency symptoms [cramping, headaches, inflammation].

7). ReMag has been shown to be highly successful in relieving symptoms associated with A-Fib.

8). ReMag has been show to be an highly effective replacement therapy for individuals who require IV Magnesium.

9). ReMag has a companion product, ReMyte Mineral Solution, which is also delivered to the cells with the same level of efficiency and supports the body in an equally judicious, comprehensive manner.

We are really pleased with our product and pricing and how it is changing, and actually making therapeutic magnesium protocol available to the CONSUMER – without having to visit the hospital!!!  You have a great opportunity they have to manage your own therapy with your own body in your own home!