Dr. Dean License Issue with Canada

Yes, that is our very own Dr. Dean - something she is rather proud of and writes about in most all her books!

I say that because she was kicked out of medicine in Toronto for telling people to avoid processed sugars and modify their eating habits, use nutrients as modulators of biology, as well as for telling us to use allopathic modalities to heal bodies!

Of course, now Dr. Dean is a hero and obviously way before her time, having had the foresight to recognize the havoc that sugar and processed foods would have on the body back in the 90's, back when no one else 'got it'.

Which makes you really consider the power of the RnA Drops - what with Dr. Dean being way ahead of her time - she probably has some foresight and instinct into what the body requires in the 21st century as well!

So, yes, that is our Dr. Dean - and I will now send you our 'official' FAQ in response to that question if it comes up:

Dr. Dean tells her story of the witch hunt in Ontario, Canada in the 1990s against a dozen alternative medicine doctors. Two doctors committed suicide during these attacks. She was admonished for talking about sugar on a national TV show, and then investigated. Her article appeared on Natural News.

She has also written about her case in her book Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions.

Dr. Dean says that any practitioner who speaks out against the standard drugs and surgery practice of medicine is a likely target. Most of her friends in alternative medicine have suffered such abuse.

That's why doctors are so quiet about the devastation wrought by a medical industry that denies the appropriate use of nutrients and uses drugs for prevention - in spite of the detrimental side effects which cannot be considered preventative - but rather causal.

Dr. Dean is an MD and ND, and she has a current medical license in California. She lives in Hawaii and does not practice medicine, but gives nutritional advice and support for her nutritional products through her books and radio show.