Which Formula Is Right for Me?

The Completement Formulas include 4 basic products - RnA Drops, ReMag Magnesium Solution, ReMyte Mineral Solution and ReAline Capsules.  We also have the ReNew Serum that is an excellent topical for the skin.

Each of our products is designed to deliver its own unique result and can be combined in any way with any of our other products with great success.

Also, it is perfectly reasonable to begin with any of our products and build as you go or you can start using them all at one time. 

ReMag Magnesium Solution can help virtually every health condition. Most people need twice the RDA, or a total of 700-800mg a day, and most people can take our ReMag product without any laxative effect.

In addition to ReMag, our ReMyte Mineral Solution is a multi-mineral product that is an effective formula for hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, diabetes, inflammation, toxicity, arthritis, and dozens of other conditions that have been created by chronic mineral deficiency. 

Our ReAline Capsules are a detox antioxidant that makes glutathione in the body and supplies sulfur groups and methyl groups to assist in liver detoxification. It is an excellent product for removing heavy metals, as well.

The RnA Drops contain a powerful biological sugar that helps create perfect cells [insulinose], plus beneficial lysine and other amino acids, as well as phosphorus, which is essential for life and found in our body's rna and dna. The RnA Drops has a wonderful pre-biotic and probiotic effect as well.

Finally, as part of our ongoing commitment to support individuals on the Road to Wellville, we have a weekly radio show on <>  every Monday at 7pm EST, Phone or Skype: 602-666-6027.

The show is archived on our blog at , where you can search for additional information about the conditions you want to investigate, watch videos or listen to some of our weekly shows.

You can also call into this two-hour show and ask general questions regarding a particular formula, approach, or strategy that we have developed.

Also, you can download our ReMag Reference Booklet and ReMyte Reference Booklets here: