Shipping RnA Drops

From time to time we get a customer who emails us and asks says the RnA Drops don't ‘taste good’...did they deteriorate in shipping?

The first answer is – no, the Drops do not deteriorate in shipping.  Actually, its the reverse – the RnA Drops actually gain strength as they sit in the bottle.  YIKES!  It’s true, though. They are a living substance and are constantly evolving - even in the bottle!  We’ve had so many report from our lab and consumers about how the iCell in the RnA Drops continues to grow and multiply from generation to generation and even in the bottle that we no longer have any concerns that the drops could deteriorate in any way.

HOWEVER...they do have a very unique taste quality AND they taste different for every person.  If you haven’t had them before, you’ll notice they do taste very clean and ‘green’ - because they are sourced from germinated barley.  Then, you’d notice the fermented quality and finally, you might notice they are tart, sour, or peppery.  That is a combination of other clovers and ingredients in the drops.

Many of our staff and customers think the Drops taste best when refrigerated. So, you may want to shake the bottle really well and chill them out ever so wonderfully before you take them.  Otherwise, they may be pungent this generation and sweet as honey the next – another unique, fun quality of RnA Drops!