Source and Purity of ReMyte and ReCalcia

ReMyte Mineral Solution and ReCalcia Calcium Solution both contain minerals in ionic form. All minerals are in fact inorganic, irrespective of source. Don't let that alarm you, however.  Mineral Definition – something that is neither animal nor vegetable matter, a crystalline [crystal-like] substance formed by inorganic processes [processes that do not originate in a living organism]. By definition, minerals are therefore inorganic.  There is much confusion and contention around the issue of organic vs. inorganic minerals and the efficacious application of one over the other. There is a lot of information and there are a lot of opinions circulating as to the best sources of dietary minerals, pitting plant sourced (so-called organic) against rock sourced (inorganic). Since opinions run the gamut and depending what you read, you will get conflicting information. Note: The human body includes primarily inorganic minerals, with a few exceptions e.g., hemoglobin (red blood cells) contain iron.

You will read some opinions that emphatically state that not only are rock sourced minerals not usable by the body but are downright dangerous. Given the discrepancies and the confusion these opinions create, it is imperative to interject some logic into this debate. 

Realistically, it makes no difference where you get your minerals (mineral rich waters or food). The most important factor is the size and the form they are in. Minerals are most effectively delivered in a water base fully ionized (in their atomic state) as in nature. A plant takes the inorganic minerals from the soil where it is growing. It then synthesizes them into an ionic size and form by uptake through the root where the minerals are combined with water and pushed through the entire plant. A mineral stream that is saturated with inorganic molecules of minerals derived from rocks processes them into ionic form by forces of nature but they remain inorganic. An ionic liquid supplement derived from the elemental mineral is essentially the same process but processed by man. Once ingested, one’s body knows intuitively what mineral is available and exactly what to do with it regardless of its source. Again, the important thing to remember is that it does not matter if you consume minerals from plant sources, water base, or solid pills or even dirt. What matters is how much time it takes the body to break down the minerals into their atomic (ionic) state in order to be effectively utilized at the cellular level. ReMyte contains minerals in the form the body can recognize and therefore utilize.