RnA Drops for Sensitive People

RnA Drops for people with allergies or “sensitive to everything”

People with allergies and sensitivities should take the same advice as those on medications or with existing health conditions. When the body is "sensitive,” it may reject "good" things as well as "bad" things. So, it's best to slowly get the body used to the RnA Drops. Begin with 1 Drop per day for one week and then increase to 1 Drop twice a day. Thereafter, increase by 1 Drop per week until you reach the average dose of 5-20 Drops twice a day. Or you can initiate treatment with the transdermal application of ReNew to begin building your perfect cells. The RnA Drops are pure food and rubbing them on the skin will achieve benefits and not upset an already sensitive digestive system. Over time, many sensitive people find that as their cells are perfected by the transdermal application of RnA Drops, they can then take them orally without any issue. Note that even though RnA Drops are made from barley, they test gluten-free.