CIPRO/Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

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Unfortunately, the inquiries we receive about getting relief from CIPRO/ fluoroquinolone toxicity are far too common. Over the last several years our products have started to become the ‘go-to’ products for relief and we while we are thrilled to be able to offer individuals an effective option we just wish they would just take that poison off the market!

It's a great thing that you have discovered this now and you are taking therapeutic action to restore your body. Some folks allow these symptoms to advance for years before they figure out what may have happened.

Dr. Dean feels the reason that CIPRO and other fluoroquinolones happens in the first place is because you were magnesium deficient - and then you add this fluoroquinolone to your system and it wipes out what little you have left and the troubles begin.

So, you may have to work with our formulas for several months to slowly remineralize the cells and restore the body to its natural balance. The good news is that it does work - and although it can be a bit slower than people prefer - many of our customers report wonderful testimonials and achieve dramatic relief.

Let me also say that I can't predict the performance of other company's products - I only know what we can recommend for ReMag and ReMyte which are designed by a doctor to be used as therapeutic formulas and have tremendous impact on the body so that's good! But, sometimes people visit our website to ask us about how to use other products and for that you'll have to contact their company and talk with their folks :)

ALSO - many people will ask us what else they can use or might require in their process and the answer to that is we don’t know the entire counsel of what you body requires. What we do suggest is that you begin with ReMag and ReMyte but you may require probiotics and other things to restore the balance in your gut which is another place CIPRO wipes out resources. You can review ALL Dr. Dean's supplement recommendations here:

NOW - to learn more about ReMag and ReMyte you may want to consider doing the following:

1). Read the ReMag and ReMyte Reference booklets which you can download from our blog:

You can learn about how ReMag works to repair nerve damage and heal the body from fluoroquinolone poisoning.

2). CALL AND TALK TO DR. DEAN FOR FREE DURING HER WEEKLY RADIO SHOW AND CUSTOMER OUTREACH NEXT MONDAY - We say it’s a radio show – and it is – but it is really a very large community of folks who are using magnesium therapies to resolve magnesium deficiency symptoms that conventional medicine wants to treat as a disease! You can talk directly with Dr. Dean and get amazing counsel, wisdom and support as you use the formulas.

Visit this page to find out how to call into the program:

3). You can also listen to previously recorded radio show that feature people who have recovered from CIPRO poisoning using our products:

I hope this begins to answer your inquiry. Please review the information and send us any additional questions you may have. ALSO, definitely order ReMag and ReMyte and get started remineralizing your cells – you can order through our website or by phone Monday- Friday 9am – 9pm excluding holidays at 888-577-3703


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