Do You Use Recycled Packaging?

You will be thrilled to know that the box that you receive is full of recycled materials in one form or another - meaning, either you got a box with peanuts that we receive from one of OUR suppliers - which we recycled and sent to our customers OR you got a box with recycled or biodegradable peanuts that we purchase for our own use.


You can tell the peanuts are biodegradable by pouring water on them.


We care about all the same things you do, and most days I am really pretty impressed with how meeting all the variables of affordable, eco-friendly packaging and shipping to all our customers in spite of some of our temporary limitations - like company size, etc.


BUT...with great customers like yourself we get a little bigger every day and that helps us get even better and better at how we do things. We are always exploring packaging and shipping options with our vendors and continually improve as we go!