ReMag: Its Benefits and Value

Unlike most supplements or natural remedies, the ReMag is one of the few retail protocols that has been developed by a doctor - not a supplement company - which makes a big difference in what you can expect in quality and effectiveness! Dr. Dean is one of the world’s foremost experts on magnesium and therapeutic magnesium supplementation and one of the few doctors who has built her entire career on educating the public about the benefits of therapeutic magnesium as an alternative to drugs and surgery. She supports her products with a 24-hour a day dedicated staff, she answers emails from her customers 7-days a week, and answers all inquiries for two hours a week ever Monday on her radio show - all at No Additional Charge!


So, perhaps now you can see why ReMag is such and exceptional value!!!


1). ReMag can be 100% absorbed at the cellular level.

2). ReMag comes in a liquid form and is very easy to use. 

3). ReMag does not cause the laxative effect.

4). ReMag can be used as a transdermal magnesium therapy – it doesn’t sting nor does it leave an oily residue on the skin or clothing.

5). Because ReMag requires no digestion it is preferred by many individuals who may have digestive issues.

6). ReMag has been shown to provide immediate relief of common magnesium deficiency symptoms [cramping, headaches, inflammation, insomnia].

7). ReMag has been shown to be highly successful in relieving symptoms associated with Atrial Fibrillation.

8). ReMag has been shown to be a highly effective substitute for individuals who require IV Magnesium.

9). ReMag has a companion product, ReMyte Mineral Solution, which is also delivered directly to the cells with the same level of efficiency and supports the body in an equally judicious, comprehensive manner.


Because of Dr. Dean’s high level of success with this product among consumers representing every age group, body type, health condition, geographic location, lifestyle choices, approach to physical fitness, and degree or level of wellness we know you can use the product with confidence as well.