2019 RnA ReSet Drops FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the RnA ReSet Drops.

The RnA ReSet Drops have been in development since June, 2010 and are part of a battery of on-going longitudinal and latitudinal studies, many of which are still in progress. It is through this process of study and repeated observations of the same variables over a long period of time that our confidence grows and Dr. Dean expands the product offerings from the RnA ReSet Drops to consumers around the world.

There are also short-term and anecdotal reports that we can share with consumers now that should help you discern the value of the RnA ReSet Drops for yourself. Recently, Dr. Dean and her team completed a study on growing live crops that yielded the results that were expected – details of the Farm Project are outlined in this video:

The RnA ReSet Drops are made in a similar fashion to a homeopathic - meaning that they carry the resonance of the previous batches in them. So, at Generation 147 - or batch 147 - their resonance can act like an “attunement” or a balancer. The RnA ReSet Drops have been tested repeatedly on the Zyto machine and have been found to stabilize many out-of-balance stressors in the body's energy field:

In terms of anecdotal data, nearly one thousand consumer reports have demonstrated the power and efficacy of the RnA ReSet Drops. Reports include boosting energy, elevating mood, balancing blood sugars, and adjusting appetites including reducing the impulse for sugar, cigarettes, smoke, and alcohol. Many consumers notice improvements in hair and skin, energy, and mood within the first 30 days. Several reports of improvement in chronic conditions indicate that at least 90 days of use is recommended at the daily dose of 15 Drops 2x daily.

Finally, each batch of RnA ReSet Drops is tested through FDA certifiied third party labs and reveals the quality and consistency of the product. Each batch is free of allergens, heavy metals and reflects the beneficial nutritional assets of wonderful, biological sugars, amino acids, and phosphorus.

We are proud to offer the RnA ReSet Drops to our customers. We also happily include the RnA ReSet Drops in Dr. Dean’s Total Body ReSet Bundle and the RnA ReSet Powder in ReStructure, Flora ReVive, and our Whole C ReSet.

Stay tuned for more product developments!