How Do I Use RnA ReSet Drops?

The following is stated on the RnA ReSet Drops label: “Begin at one drop twice a day, under your tongue, for one week and increase by one or two drops each subsequent week.” Since we suggest that you take the Drops on an empty stomach and then wait 15 minutes before you eat or drink, good times to use the Drops are first thing in the morning and during your afternoon break (assuming this occurs a few hours after your lunch). Additionally, let the Drops sit under your tongue for a few minutes, rolling around in your mouth for the benefit of your gums and teeth, unless you still have mercury fillings.

What’s an Average Dose?

We suggest you increase the number of RnA ReSet Drops you use by 1 or 2 Drops every week. This is a typical pattern customers have used when they use RnA ReSet Drops:

Week 1 – one Drop in the morning; one Drop in the afternoon

Week 2 – two Drops in the morning; two Drops in the afternoon

Week 3 – three Drops in the morning; three Drops in the afternoon

Week 4 – four Drops in the morning; four Drops in the afternoon

Continue to increase your dose by one or two Drops a week until your average dose is between 10 and 15 Drops twice a day. Since RnA ReSet Drops are reported to increase a sense of well-being, you can use that as a benchmark that indicates the appropriate dose for you.

Can I mix with food or water?

Don't dilute the RnA ReSet Drops in any food or liquid. RnA ReSet Drops work most effectively when they are mixed with the saliva in your mouth. We would like to reinforce our suggestion that you take the Drops on an empty stomach and wait 15 minutes to eat or drink.

In pregnancy or while breastfeeding

We don't advise women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to begin taking RnA ReSet Drops. But, if you are already on RnA ReSet Drops and you become pregnant, continue as usual. If you are breastfeeding and not already using RnA ReSet Drops, you could begin the ReAline capsules to prepare for taking the RnA ReSet Drops when you stop breastfeeding. 

Can My Children Use RnA ReSet Drops?

There isn’t a RDA for the RnA ReSet Drops so we can’t recommend the ReSet Drops for children under the age of 12. Children over the age of 12 can follow the adult dose.

Can My Pets Use RnA ReSet Drops?

The Completement Formulas are formulated for humans. Some of our customers have chosen to supplement their pet's diet with the RnA ReSet Drops or ReMag and have seen positive results. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian before starting any supplementation program for your pets.

While on medications

RnA ReSet Drops are a food-based product with a base of barley sprouts. We do not anticipate any adverse reactions from any medications, but we do advise you to begin the Drops even more slowly than recommended above. Begin with 1 Drop per day for one week and then increase to 1 Drop twice a day during Week 2. Thereafter, increase by 1 Drop per week until you reach the average dose of 10-15 Drops twice per day.

Is it appropriate to vary my dosage every day?

No, it can be a more effective and smoother process if adjustments to dosage are done weekly. For example, if you are presently taking 8 Drops twice a day, stay with that dose for one week before increasing or decreasing, as noted above.

If I forget to take the Drops for a day or two, should I go back to the starting dose?

You can start back up where you left off if you missed just a day or two. But if you missed a week or more, go back to 3 Drops 2x/day and increase by a Drop each day to your previous dosage.

If I want to take the RnA ReSet Drops on my skin instead of under my tongue, do I take the same dosage?

We do have the ReNew product for transdermal use, but yes, if you wanted to use your RnA ReSet Drops on your skin, you would apply the oral dosage to various parts of your body.