Whole C ReSet: What Are the Benefits of Supplement with Real Vitamin C, Dr. Dean?

Read on to learn some little-known facts about vitamin C, and what we’ve done to make it easy for you to get all the vitamin C your body needs.

You’re probably already aware that it keeps your immune system strong and prevents colds, but its powers don’t stop there. Real vitamin C:

- helps repair tissues, including skin, blood vessels, bones and teeth
- fights against heart disease and cancer with its high levels of antioxidants
- can accelerate wound healing and helps eliminate bruising
- improves vascular elasticity and reduces the stickiness of blood platelets, making them less prone to forming clots
- can lower oxidized cholesterol levels: -- when Vitamin C levels are low, cholesterol becomes elevated; and when more vitamin C is consumed, cholesterol levels decline
- increases type I collagen synthesis
- helps reduce levels of lead, mercury and other heavy metals
- reduces histamine in the body — the hormone that triggers allergies and asthma attacks