ReNew Face Cream

ReNew Face Cream is a unique cosmetic formula that is a synergistic blend of our healing ReNew Serum, our hydrating ReMag Lotion, and our antioxidant Whole C ReSet. It’s a formula that I developed out of my personal desire to have a powerful face cream. I’ve been using ReNew Serum on my face for years but found it too heavy and flaky when it dries so I’ve been mixing it with ReMag Lotion. When we developed Whole C ReSet, with its 8 Vitamin C Complex elements, I decided to include that as a potent antioxidant that goes far beyond the synthetic ascorbic acid that is in most high-end face creams.

ReNew Serum has the RnA ReSet Drops property of directing RNA to make flawless copies of DNA and create perfect cells. View our RnA ReSet Drops Webinar Radish Experiment for a glimpse at the life force that emanates from the iCells in the Drops.

ReMag Lotion is a superior hydrator that smooths and softens the skin. The skin is hydrated from inside-out as well as outside-in, therefore oral ReMag Liquid and transdermal ReMag Lotion doubly support the structure and function of the skin – the biggest detox organ in the body. Eighty percent of known metabolic functions require magnesium; 1,000 enzyme systems utilize magnesium.

Before I began using ReMag Lotion as a body cream, I had keratosis pilaris – that’s a very fancy name for a common, harmless skin condition that causes dry rough patches and tiny bumps, mostly on the upper arms. I know that keratosis pilaris doesn’t affect the face, but the function of ReMag Lotion to clear this decades-old condition proved to me its value in healing the skin. ReMag Lotion can also clear, lighten, and brighten the skin, reducing redness, acne spots and blocked pores as it improves the function of skin cells. Magnesium help balance hormones that can affect the skin, including lowering the stress hormone, cortisol.

Whole C ReSet, in addition to its antioxidant functions, regulates the synthesis of the structural protein collagen, which repairs damaged skin. How do we damage our skin? Let me count the ways: sun, chemicals in cosmetics, chemicals in our air, food, and water, lack of proper sleep, exercise. Poor diet and lack of proper hydration that includes sea salt.

ReNew Face Cream can be used on a daily basis to revive, restore, and brighten your precious skin.