When Should I Use ReNew Serum, ReNew Face Cream, and/or ReMag Lotion?

We are very excited about introducing our latest skin care product, ReNew Face Cream. Today, we are going to answer the question, "Should I use ReNew Serum or ReNew Face Cream?" To begin this discussion, here are Dr. Dean's descriptions of the products:

ReNew Serum

ReNew Serum provides you with leading-edge skin enrichment. A labor-intensive process creates a 25X concentration of our RnA ReSet Drops formula. ReNew is superior to any serum presently on the market because it contains the unique and newly created iCell. Like the RnA ReSet Drops, it directs RNA to make perfect DNA copies in perfect cells. ReNew benefits from having all the previous generations of Drops blended together. We are now in our 150th generation of RnA ReSet Drops, which means no other formula will ever duplicate its propertiesBy using ReNew transdermally you will absorb the benefits of the RnA ReSet Drops through the skin – especially if you have any concerns about taking RnA ReSet Drops orally.

ReNew Face Cream 

ReNew Face Cream is a unique cosmetic formula that is a synergistic blend of our healing ReNew Serum, our hydrating ReMag Lotion, and our antioxidant Whole C ReSet. It’s a formula that I developed out of my personal desire to have a powerful face cream. I’ve been using ReNew Serum on my face for years but found it too heavy and flaky when it dries so I’ve been mixing it with ReMag Lotion. When we developed Whole C ReSet, with its 8 Vitamin C Complex elements, I decided to include that as a potent antioxidant that goes far beyond the synthetic ascorbic acid that is in most high-end face creams.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Dean's October 21, 2019 radio show which gives a more detailed comparison of the products:

Ginney: ReNew Face Cream is a middle point between the ReNew Serum, which is topical, concentrated, and more of a therapeutic product, and ReMag Lotion, our skin hydrating lotion with magnesium. ReNew Face Cream is a daily product. The customers who had an advanced bottle thought it was delectable and delightful in every way. Again, I mention ReMag Lotion which, of course, you can use as a body lotion. My husband uses it on his face after he shaves every day. So, ReMag Lotion doesn’t just have to be used therapeutically. It can be used as a body lotion. After all, magnesium is therapeutic all the time. It’s great for everything.

Dr. Carolyn: Dr. Princetta phoned this morning and wanted to know how to define the ReNew Serum vs. the ReNew Face Cream.

Ginney: What we told him is that the thing about ReNew Serum is that it has the ozonated olive oil in it, which is a true anti-fungal/anti-bacterial. Additionally, because of the concentration of the ReNew Serum, it is very good for liver spots, skin tags, etc. We’ve had people improve scars, acne, etc. with it.

Now, you aren’t going to put 2 drops of ReNew Serum on a scar that you’ve had all your life and have it disappear. That’s not realistic. That’s not what this product is about. It’s a very good food for your face product – a spot treatment. That’s what I call it.

Yes, you can put ReNew Serum on under your makeup. I’ve been doing this for years. But it doesn’t have glide. It doesn’t have gliding across your skin moisturizing because of the way it is made.

 But the ReNew Face Cream has glide. It has that beautiful ReMag Lotion in it. It has Whole. It has the ReNew base in it with ozonated Olive Oil. It’s a power product. That is quite beautiful and delicious. It will serve people well. We have had rave reviews about it so far.

This is a limited-edition bottle of ReNew Face Cream. When this supple runs out, we won’t have any again until after January when we formally release the product.