Mel's Mix from Module 86 of The Completement Now Health Series

Mel’s Soil Mix

The benefits of Mel’s Soil Mix.

Simple Digging, Planting and Germination: Mel’s mix is much lighter than dirt with the
vermiculite added. You never walk on it so it doesn’t get compacted down allowing seeds to
push through much easier. This means you don’t have to worry so much about how shallow or
deep you planted your seeds.

Easy Root systems: Roots grow very large and very easily in Mel’s mix. Be sure and compost
the roots and don’t lose any of that soil.

No Weeds: Most compost will not contain any weeds. And any weeds that happen by are easily
pulled out, not embedded like concrete.

Good Drainage: Mel says with his mix you can’t over water because it drains so well. You can
hand water or use a drip system.

Simple Mix Ingredients:
1/3rd blended compost
1/3rd peat moss
1/3rd coarse vermiculite
Cost of Simple Mix at Home Depot, Walmart and Hardware stores for 8 square feet:
2 large bags (3.5 cu ft) vermiculite

1 large bale (3.8 cu ft compressed, expands to be more) peat moss
14 bags (1 cu ft) compost
Total Cost for three 4′x4′ boxes)

Sixteen cubic feet will fill one garden block (4 ft by 4 ft) to a depth of 12 inches or two
blocks to a depth of 6 inches. Mel says you only need 6 inches of good perfect soil for most
plants you want to grow.