Dr. Dean's Gardening Tips


As you may be aware, Dr. Dean has a keen interest in eating the best quality food, and she sustains that interest by growing some of her own food and supporting local organic, biodynamic farmers. If you are unfamiliar with her interest, you can hear Dr. Dean talk about the Radish Experiment here:

Since we know there is an increased interest in families creating their own vegetable gardens, we thought you might benefit from Dr. Dean's gardening tips which she originally shared in Module 86 of The Completement Now Health Program:

Familiarize yourself with the two websites mentioned below. While a huge vegetable
garden may seem daunting, a 4’x4’ box frame may be very doable.

1. Square Foot Gardening:
2. Remineralize the Earth:
3. Start with a 4’x4’ frame. You can get the lumber from Home Depot or scrap lumber lying
around. You don’t even have to put a bottom on it.
4. Or, how about making Mel’s Mix and using it in patio pots, window boxes, or a kitchen
herb garden! Purchase some organic seeds and start planting your own mini garden. Here is a link to our FAQ giving instructions on how to make Mel's Soil Mix:

5. At the very least, purchase some sprouting seeds and start sprouting. I finally got a
sprouter with an automatic sprinkler and I love it. No more rinsing out bottles. It’s a
FreshLife automatic sprouter from Tribest.

Since Dr. Dean wrote this module, RnA ReSet decided to share Mighty Mash, the product used in the Radish Experiment, by popular demand. Here is a description from our product page:

If you are on this page you are part of the super secret people who know how to renew the face of the Earth with Mighty Mash, Dr. Dean's soil amendment, a by-product of the RnA ReSet Drops.

A soil amendment is any material added to a soil to improve its physical properties, such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration and structure. The goal is to provide a better environment for roots.

This bag contains 1 lb 6 ounces - which is 16 cups per bag.

This is a novelty product and is not for human consumption.

Here is a picture of the label, showing how you can use this product:



NOTE:  Mighty Mash  is a seasonal product and only available in limited quantities.