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How is this Magnesium different?

What makes this Magnesium so well absorbed and different from that in my health food store?

Ali Graves

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Sure! It is in the basic makeup of our ReMag that this magnesium shines. We call ours a pico-ionic magnesium.

Pico speaks to the fact that it is measured in picometers, so it is an extremely small magnesium that can fit through the channels into the cell, something that most other magnesiums cannot do due to the complexity of their chemical chains.

Ionic speaks to the fact that it is a stabilized ion that can pass through the charged channels into the cells much more easily, something that is unique to our proprietary process that is used to create the ReMag.

What this all adds up to create is a magnesium that is absorbed at about 98 percent effectiveness, where most other magnesiums you find in the health store are absorbed at around 10 to 20 percent.

I, obviously, cannot remark on any specific magnesium other than ours other than to say that most common forms are nowhere near the absorption rate of ReMag.

Ali Graves
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